Kiev to the Black Sea

Kiev to the Black Sea

Departures between May and September 2018, 11 Days | From only £1,997pp
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Enjoy Ukraine’s towns & traditions
Cruise the Dnieper River to the Black Sea, an ancient and splendid trade route lined with rich cultural treasures, onion-domed churches and rural folkways that recall the days of Vikings, Tatars and Cossacks. Visit Kiev’s Cave Monasteries. Marvel at the riding skill of Cossack horsemen. And trace the footsteps of history at Odessa’s Potemkin Steps.


Day 1 : Kiev, Ukraine
The capital of Ukraine and one of Europe’s oldest cities, Kiev has a rich heritage of Viking and Cossack peoples.

Day 2 : Kiev, Ukraine
From the 9th century on, Kiev was the main Dnieper River trade center on the route from Scandinavia to the Black Sea and Constantinople.

Day 3 : Kiev, Ukraine
The old section of Kiev retains many historic buildings and monuments, including the dramatic domed St. Sophia Cathedral.

Day 4 : Kremenchug, Ukraine
Settled by Cossacks in the 16th and 17th centuries, Kremenchug, like much of Ukraine, came under Polish influence early on, despite construction of its fortress in 1590.

Day 5 : Dnipro, Ukraine
Dnipro was once known as Ekaterinoslav, after Catherine the Great officially laid a foundation stone at her namesake cathedral.

Day 6 : Zaporozhye, Ukraine
More than 200 years old, Zaporozhye stretches across both sides of the Dnieper River.

Day 7 : Kherson, Ukraine
Kherson lies where the Dnieper Delta empties into the Black Sea.

Day 8 : Odessa, Ukraine
A historically important port, the “Pearl of the Black Sea” was built on the site of an ancient Greek colony, Odessos.

Day 9 : Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa draws its rich history from the many cultures that settled here, including the Crimean Tatars, Turks, Russians and Germans.

Day 10 : Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa is a lively metropolis with many parks, tree-lined boulevards and beach resorts.

Day 11 : Odessa, Ukraine
With its many parks, tree-lined boulevards and beach resorts, Odessa has a Mediterranean feel.


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